Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Really Nice Set Of Watercolor Markers For All Your Coloring

Drawing is something I have always done. In fact, I am a doodler. All my notes from school, sermon notes from church, small scraps of paper around the house all have little doodles on them. Have pencil, will draw!

So I love the chance to try out new pens, pencils and markers. I just got a set of watercolor markers from Magicdo to try out. They are water based and non-toxic, so they are safe to use with your kids. Each marker comes with two tips, fine tip and brush tip.

I really like that the cap color of each marker is extremely close to the color the ink is. Of course if you use a lighter touch, the color will be lighter, but for the most part, the marker color is the same color of the cap. The caps also stick on top of the end of the other cap, so no losing your caps!

I tried the markers on several kinds of papers to see how well they do. On standard copy paper the markers bled through a little, depending on how much pressure you apply. I also tried it on card stock and watercolor paper. Both worked much better than the copy paper as far as the amount of bleeding.

This is where I want to caution you, these would be beautiful for using in coloring books. The colors are vivid and there is a wonderful variety for blending and highlighting and shading, but the more ink you apply the more the paper tends to curl and warp because of the saturation. I wouldn't recommend these markers for your average coloring books unless you use a very light touch. For other art projects, I think these would be really nice.

These are nice markers with little to no odor and the colors are wonderful, vivid, bendable and work so well with each other. The plastic case they comes in is nice for storing them too.

You can purchase the Magicdo 24 Pcs, Dual Tip Watercolor Water Based Markers HERE!

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