Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 Quart Colander Every Home Should Have

One kitchen tool we all need is a colander, and I like having two sizes to work with, one large and one small. This 3 quart stainless steel colander from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools is perfect for my small colander. It does so much and is so easy to take care of.

The first thing I love about this colander is that it is made from stainless steel. That means it will not rust and it will hold up to many years of use and abuse. Let's face it, colanders go through a lot in their days! When I think of the things I have used my colanders for over the years, it's amazing any of them have lasted. LOL! So easy to wash too. It can be done by hand or go right in to the dishwasher.

This colander has slightly larger holes than I like, but they still are not too big to get clogged up or allow things to slip through. There are plenty to allow for good drainage. The bottom of the colander has a ring base to hold it steady in the sink or on the counter with no worry of it tipping over. I did notice using that if the base completely covers your drain that the liquid will not go down the drain. Since the colander is smaller, it is easy to move it off a little to one side to allow the liquid to drain out and go down the drain.

The handles of the colander are welded on and feel very secure. I can not imagine them ever coming loose. They feel nice an comfortable to hold on to as well. You can get a solid grasp of them to shake and pour from it without having to worry about the handles becoming loose and flimsy or your hands slipping.

This is the perfect size colander for making small batches of pasta, rinsing fruit and veggies before putting them away, and for tossing food scraps into for the compost pile. I like it and will be using it a lot!

You can purchase the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools 3 Quart Stainless Steel Round Colander HERE!

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