Saturday, July 30, 2016

Don't Get Caught In The Dark Again ~ Always Take This Along For The Ride

How many times have you needed to work on something just to realize you don't have enough daylight left to see well? Or maybe your car broke down and it's already dark. Whatever it is you are working on you can't quit, but you also can't see well. A flashlight doesn't cut it and a trouble light isn't always enough either or you can't get it where you need it.

That's where something like a flood light comes in handy. Willingtech has this nifty 10W Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light that can help you see amazingly well at night and in dark places.

This light may be small, but I was really surprised at how bright it is and how much it helps to light up a good sized area. The light itself is only 3" x 2", but since it is an LED light, it has a lot more oomph than a standard light does. It is a 10 watt, 1150 lumen rechargeable light that you can charge with the provided power cords, either in your home using an outlet or in your vehicle using the cigarette lighter. Once the light charges, which varies a little on how you charge it, you have about 4 hours of light with it. That's a good amount of time to be working in any dark situation.

The light is waterproof, so even if you are stuck out in the rain or want to use this light on your boat to do some night fishing, this light will work well for you. The housing is sealed to protect the light and lithium battery from any water seepage.

I love how light weight the light is too. It is really easy to carry around with the handle grip on the top that is coated in a soft rubbery foam. It can also be hung up to light from above. The on/off switch is on the bottom of the light near the charge port. The port has a small pug to protect it when not in use.

This little light really can be angled any way you need to see, up, down, right, left, or any combination of those. It's easy to maneuver and angle so you can get the best light wherever you need it.

We found it really helpful in finding things in our outdoor shed. Even though it is not too dark there, this light made it a breeze for us to see what was where fast. It's perfect for helping to see to change a tire at night and others driving along the road can see you too. This little light will be hanging out in our car from now on!

You can learn more and purchase the Willingtech 10W Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light HERE!

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