Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Wish I Had A BagyBed When My Kids Were Born!

Having a baby can be a very confusing time, as much as it is a wonderful time. There is so much to learn, so much to figure out, what do you need, what you don't. It can become a little overwhelming. I remember those days and was thankful I had good advice from my Mom and a few other dear ladies.

But I just learned about one thing I didn't have and sure wish I did have. It's the BagyBed Diaper Bag, Portable Changing Station, and Bed. This is such a neat idea and so easy to use! The BagyBed is everything you need to carry around all your baby's needs and a place to care for them wherever you go. There is no need for a changing station or even a bed. You have it with you all the time.

The bag comes all in one large portable bag, ready to use. It has a large padded and adjustable shoulder strap that you can use to carry it with. It also has two small snap straps to attach the BagyBed to a stroller, so everything you need is conveniently located.

When you look at both sides of the bag there are three very large zippered pockets with smaller zippered pockets on the front of them. Believe me, these things can hold a lot of stuff. There is enough room for you to pack changes of clothes, plenty of diapers, wipes, plenty of snacks, toys, pacifiers, and a lot more. There is enough room you could use this to pack up all you need for your little one for a weekend away.

There is also a smaller zippered pocket and two drawstring pockets on one of the sides. Good places to keep smaller items, bottles, and a water bottle or travel mug for mom. In total there are seven pockets and two drawstring pockets. TONS of room for everything you might need.

When you want to open the bag completely up, at the top there are two snap flaps. This opens the whole bag to become the changing pad or bed. Unsnap the snaps and you will see that there are two heavy duty Velcro strips that hold the two sides of the bag in place. When you undo the flaps and the Vecro, the bag lays flat. You need to flip it over and put together the sides. The flaps you undid become part of what holds the sides up. These are easy to place with several pieces of heavy duty Velcro, and just takes a few seconds to do. Once the four comers are Velcroed, you have your changing pad or bed.

The inside of the BagyBed has a soft cotton material covering a padded mat in the bottom. It is enough padding for your little one to be comfortable and cozy while napping. The sides are wide enough that there is plenty of room for a little wiggling. I wiggled it a lot and the Velcro on the corners did not budge, so the chance of the flaps folding is not there! It would take someone pulling them apart to do that.

This is a really nifty thing for any new parent to have and makes traveling with your little one easy. The bed when opened measures about 30" long, so this will work for a baby up to about 9-11 months, of course depending on their size. I really wish I had one of these for my boys with all the raveling we did when they were babies. It would have made all those trips a lot easier for everyone! This would make a fabulous gift for any new parent!

You can purchase the BagyBed Diaper Bag, Portable Changing Station, and Bed HERE!

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