Friday, April 1, 2016

Do You Have A Tourniquet In Your First Aid Kit?

One of the most important things you need in your home is a first aid kit. I'm sure if you thought for a few seconds you would come up with plenty of things that should be included in your first aid kit. But let me ask you this, have you ever added a tourniquet to that list of things?

I'm gonna guess no, but I am also gonna say you should have a tourniquet in your first aid kit if you don't.

Years ago I took some first aid training and learned how to make one, but if you have a pre-made professional tourniquet already on hand you can save a life faster. Air-ale-tools has a Military Issue CAT Tourniquet that you can keep in your first aid kit at home or take with you camping, hiking, or hunting.

This tourniquet is the same kind that is used by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and have included in all their medical supplies. The tourniquet is very easy to use and it has secure attachment to make it easier to save the life of someone you love, or yourself.

The tourniquet is made of a quality strapping kind of material with a long section of heavy Velcro that will hold very securely. It has a heavy duty plastic windlass, the stick that tightens the tourniquet, that is very easy to manipulate. There is also a small section that you can write on the time you applied the tourniquet. Keeping track of the time is important to let a medical professional know when you reach them, so having a place you can write the time is very important. Located on the tourniquet makes it convenient.

This tourniquet is made in a way that you can apply it and manipulate it by your self with even just one hand. I would say that is important since you never know when you would be by yourself and need to use it after and accident or injury.

Thinking about having to use a tourniquet is not fun, but then again thinking about someone losing their life because the bled to death is not fun either. I believe in being prepared and in this day and age of craziness going on in our world, this is one thing I am glad to have in my first aid kit! I recommend you include one as well!

A lot of reviews on Amazon are very negative about this tourniquet. Since I am not a professional in the medical field by any means, I can not say if this is of inferior quality or not. All I can go in is what I saw and tried myself. Please do your own research if in question. It is also important to learn how to use a tourniquet properly. Educate yourself before it becomes a necessity to use one!

You can purchase the Air-ale-tools Military Issue CAT Tourniquet HERE!

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