Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Keeping Warm On These Weird Wintery Days

I'm not a hat person. I never have been, probably never will be. But there are times even this non-hat person needs to wear a hat. Seriously, it can get downright cold in northern IN with the wind off Lake Michigan!

So I was glad to try out the Beanie Knit Cap from CacheAlaska. My son has one, and I was pretty sure I would like one too after what he said about his.

The hat is 50% wool and 50% acrylic. The weave on the hat is nice and fine, making it so there are no open areas for the breeze to get through, but the hat is still very breathable. Your head stays warm without really sweating from the warmth of the wool.

Around the inside of the band is a very nice fleece lining. It's about 2¼" wide, so it is not throughout the whole hat. I like this band a lot. It keeps the hat in place and feels super soft on my skin. I think it would really help anyone who might have a wool sensitivity too. They would get the benefit of the warmth of the wool without having to deal with the itch next to their skin.

The hat has kept my head very warm on super cold days. I like that even though I don't like wearing hats. My only problem is that the hat is very big. When I pull it on snug the brim comes all the way down past my ears on both side (not a problem) and all the way down past my eyebrows, which for someone who wears glasses can be a problem. I can adjust it some to not do that as much, but then I am always left with a funny looking thing at the top of my head. There is enough room in this hat to put all three feet of my hair in it and it is still too big.

Other than sizing, this is a great hat! The one my son has fits him perfectly and me as well, so I think this hat must be a bit of a fluke! I still recommend it to you though!

You can purchase the CacheAlaska Beanie Knit Cap HERE! it is at a discounted price right now, but this deal won't last long!

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