Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tidy Docks Makes Breathing A Lot Healthier

One major thing that bothers me each spring is finding out how dirty my house got being closed up all winter. I don't know why, but I am always shocked at how dirty. One place I know I can easily forget is the vent covers for the furnace/air conditioner. Disgusting!! Have you looked at yours?

All kinds of gunk has been blowing through them and you and your family have been breathing all that in. YUCK!

I was thrilled to learn about Tidy Docks! These really neat magnetic vent filters are so cool, and you put them over your vent covers. The filters then help do a lot of things including the following:

~ help give cleaner air in your home by filtering particles from the air
~ reduce dust on furniture, carpets, and floors,
~ limits the migration of possible pests through air ducts
~ prevent the spread of pet hair and dander
~ keep objects from falling through vents
~ are washable in cold water and soap, to keep using for years to come
~ the micro-fine screen filters out particles floating through your duct work

When you get the filters you have to measure to put them on your vent. It's really easy to do and the filters come with all the directions to help you get the job done. To keep their costs down, they only make a few sizes that can be cut to fit your specific size of vent. I appreciate a company that keeps in mind the cost to me and them.

When you get the right size for your vent, you measure and cut the magnetic strips that come with the kit and then glue them on with the included glue. It's a super glue, so be careful and don't glue too much at once, including your fingers.

Once you get the magnets in place, you simply set the filter on the top of your vent and there you go. It's done and doing the job it needs to to help keep your home cleaner and your air healthier to breathe.

One thing I really like is that the product is packaged and labeled by developmentally disabled Americans. I appreciate that this company not only makes their product here in the US, but also works with people who need an extra helping hand and are willing to work and do a good job.

I really like the filter and I am hoping we can get one for each of our vents eventually. I know it will make a difference for the whole family! We have already seen it with just one vent having a filter.

You can purchase the Tidy Docks Magnetic Vent Filters HERE!

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