Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Hokey Pokey and Washi Tape

Wahsi!!! Please tell me you know what it is.

No, well let me tell you.

Washi is a fun kind of tape that you use to decorate, well pretty much everything. You use it like you would ribbon, but instead of gluing it down or sewing it on, you simply tape it down. Because it's tape! But here is the cool thing....it's re-positionable. If you don't get it in the right place the first time, you can take it off and do it again. Not many craft items are that forgiving. You can also write on it with a marker or Sharpie.

Washi Tape sticks to pretty much everything and since you can move it around, you can really be creative by moving the tape to get just the right look or angle. It's really super thin too, so you can see the pattern of another Wahsi Tape behind the one in the front. You can create your own kind of pattern doing that. It's so easy to place and edge frames, book pages, decorate lockers, lamp shades and more. You are really only limited by your imagination, oh and the ideas of all of those thousands of other people on the internet who have played with it. LOL!

L'artisant has some wonderful and fun Washi Tape available. I absolutely love all the vibrant colors and designs on their Washi Tape. The set I have from them is just one of many and called Summer Fun. I had a lot of fun playing with them and thought I would show you one really quick project I did for a friend.

You start with a chipboard coaster and start covering it with the Washi Tape in rows, alternating the colors to fit the look you want. Overlap the edges over the back Continue up the whole coaster, overlapping by a scant eighth of an inch until you cover the whole coaster.

When you have finished covering the coaster, cover the back with a piece of paper you have cut the size of the coaster. Glue it on and let it dry completely. Then attach some magnets to it with a good glue and let that dry too.

While things are drying, fine one of your favorite saying in your stamp collection or on the internet and prepare it on a white piece of paper. You can find all kinds of sayings on the internet if you don't have just the right stamp. I chose one of my favorite silly saying stamps I have. It makes me laugh. Then take a sponge and smudge the edges of the white paper with the saying with a coordinating ink color. I love smudging things like this, gives them a fun look.

Mount the saying on coordinating colors of paper to frame it, or edge it with more Washi Tape. Attach it on top of the Washi Tape. Add a couple of decorative things, like buttons.

There you go! You have a fast, fun, and cute magnet to share with a friend or put on your fridge. This is super simple and even your kids would enjoy doing this.

L'artisant Washi Tape is a way to really bring out your creative side and just have some fun with bright colors and patterns! Trust me, it's fun for a multitude of crafting projects!

You can purchase L'artisant Washi Tape HERE!

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