Monday, February 1, 2016

Looking For A Safe Glass Water Bottle?

We use drinking bottles in our house a lot. We have a large dog with a large tail that loves to swish things off tables and make messes, although not on purpose. it's something that just happens. He's a happy dog!

So it's important to have bottle that won't break and will not spill, and will keep my beverage cold or hot. Purifyou has a really nice Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve that is perfect for what I need, and for may other people.

The bottle holds 12 oz of liquid, which is just the right size. It's about the same size as most commercial bottled waters, but you don't dispose of the bottle when you are done. I like the size for using for the individual packet drink mixes. It's just the right size for those.

The cap has a nice big ring on it that you can look over you finder while you are out walking or you can grab quickly in the cup holder in your car. It unscrews easily and is water tight. I think the only thing I would like is the addition of a flip cap for this. It would be much easier to use and drink from instead of always having to unscrew the top all the way.

The opening is wide for easy filling and I like that. It makes adding those packets super easy and fast. The silicone mesh on the outside of the bottle protects the glass from breaking, and if it does break, it keeps the pieces from spilling all over the place. The sleeve does come off so you can clean it well. it is safe to put both the bottle and the mesh in the dishwasher too.

This is a nice water bottle that comes in lots of soft colors and for a good price!

You can purchase the Purifyou Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve HERE!

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