Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Keeping Yourself Organized While Traveling

I love to travel and so does my husband, well sometimes he does. But he does not like to travel if his things are not organized and right were he can get to them. He is very much a creature of habit and knowing all his stuff is in one or two convenient places makes traveling so much nicer!

So I was thrilled to be able to try out this Jagurds Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag. It could really make the difference in a trip.

The bag is just the right size to control all of his stuff, from his grooming things, shower items, and more. There is plenty of room for all of it. The bag measures approximately 12" x 8" on the outside and has two small carry handles and a double zipper. The material is waterproof and is super easy to clean off if anything spills on it. Let's face it, things will spill on it.

The inside of the bag has 4 pockets, 2 that are thin and will hold smaller items, one pocket that opens at the top only but is wider, and the fourth pocket that opens on three sides so you can really get to the things you put in that one. Each pocket can be seen through, so you know exactly where you have put something without having to play hide and seek with things.

One of the small pockets zips off the whole bag. We like that a lot! It's perfect for putting things you use more often or may need to carry back and forth to the bathroom when staying with family. It's perfect for your toothbrush, toothpaste, small razor, dental floss, contact lens case, or other small items you may need more often.

The whole bag also has a nice hook to hang it up in the bathroom so it is out of the way, yet still easy to get to as you need things. The bag is well made and very practical! It's good for the men in your life, but would work for so much more. You can carry kids things in it, make it a small diaper bag, lunch bag, craft bag and more! Just use your imagination!

You can purchase the Jagurds Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag HERE!

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