Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Younger Looking Neck Is Only A Few Weeks Away

As I have gotten older, I have started noticing things change in m skin all over my body. One place I never really thought a lot about was my neck. it's one place I had no idea needed some extra TLC.

I tried out a special Neck Firming Cream from Anaiti. I was surprised at what a difference it made in just a few weeks!

So what is so special about using a special neck cream? I think Anaiti Tells it best in why you need a good neck cream:
Delicate neck and chest areas are common trouble spots for aging skin. Often forgotten during sunscreen application and sensitive to the chemical additives frequently found in commercial products, the neck and decollete region is especially vulnerable to the effects of aging. Dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles and thin, sagging skin worsen over time, hastening the appearance of aging. To make matters worse, neck skin is also prone to puffiness, age spots and stretch marks. Neck and Decollete Cream for Celebrity Skin is specifically formulated to address these problem areas with clinically tested and non-toxic Matrixyl and Sesaflash. Matrixyl is scientifically proven to help skin produce collagen, creating newer, fresher and firmer skin and reducing wrinkle depth. Groundbreaking Sesaflash is equally effective at creating younger-looking skin by deeply moisturizing and tightening the neck and chest area. This anti-aging cream is as effective as other, more expensive mature skin creams, and uses the best skinceuticals research and ingredients to formulate a superior anti-aging cream.

I can say that since using it, my skin on my neck and decollete feel so much better. There seems to be a renewed firmness and elasticity to my skin. It just feels better! I had no idea how much my skin was really showing my age in my neck, but since using the cream, my neck looks younger and it does not look like a woman in her 50's.

One thing I noticed a lot was the change in the evenness (is that a word?) of my skin tone. Small areas that were darker from just getting older and being in the sun, have lightened and look so much nicer. If it is working this well on my neck, I may just start using it all over my body!

This is a fantastic skin cream and I highly recommend it to you!

You can purchase Anaiti Neck Firming Cream HERE!

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