Sunday, February 21, 2016

Copper Mugs Are Great For All Kinds Of Things

Yep, you have to be asking yourself what in the world is the Minister's Wife doing with a Moscow Mule Copper Mug, especially since they are traditionally known for serving alcoholic drinks.

That's a very good question to think about!

Here's the deal.....NO I do not drink alcohol! Long time ago before I got saved I did drink alcohol, but no longer and have not in over 35 years.

So why the Better Bar 16 oz. 100% Pure Copper Mug....I like them! In fact I think copper mugs are pretty dog-gone nifty! Let me tell you why.

They are individually crafted and polished by experienced artisans.
The mugs are solid copper made with a rounded lip which helps prevent drips.
They are easy to drink from.
Copper is naturally antimicrobial.
Copper conducts cold and heat easier than other metals and glass.
They keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot longer (you do need to be careful with hot drinks since the mugs are not insulated for heat and copper conducts heat very well).
If your child (or you) drops one, they won't break!

Those are some pretty good reasons. But seriously, the main reason is I just plain ol' like them! They are attractive, look old fashioned, which fits into my home decor beautifully, and you can use them for any number of things besides drinks. I love using them for floral arrangements and holding kitchen gadgets.

Copper does begin to get a lovely aged patina to it, and although I don't mind things that look older and well used, they are easy to clean and keep shiny with a good copper cleaner or by using lemon juice and salt and rubbing lightly in circular motions. Oh and you should not wash them in the dishwasher. Not a good idea at all!

The Better Bar copper mug is made from pure 100% copper. There are no fillers metals, no coatings, nothing except 100% copper. Nothing will transfer to your beverages from this mug. They are safe to use. The handle is riveted in place securely and feels comfortable in your hand.

I'm hoping to get a few more of these for my whole family to use. I'm sure your family would enjoy them too!

You an purchase the Better Bar 16 oz. 100% Pure Copper Mug HERE!

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