Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Creative Kitchen Gadget For A Messy Job

There are some products on the market that just make you smile. This is one of them.

This is Angry Mama from Kitchen Gizmo, and she cracks me up! It's a simple design for a problem we all deal with, microwave messes. Let's face it, who likes to clean their microwave. They get so messy, so quickly and the are not easy to clean. When things stick in them, they really stick.

I have tried all kinds of ways to clean our microwaves over the years, and some work okay, but it's just not fun, and mine is above our stove making it a little hard for me to reach well since I am not very tall. I feel like a contortionist sometimes trying to get all the nooks and crannies clean.

That's where Angry Mama comes in to save the day. She hates dirt and grime and she helps blast it away. You take her hair off, fill her with vinegar (white vinegar works best) to the mark on the back of her body. Then add water to the line on the back of her head. Place her hair back on her and put her in the microwave. The manufacturer suggests you heat her up on high for 5-8 minutes and she lets off a head of steam helping to release all the gunky build up, making it easier to wipe down. Use caution when you remove her from the microwave. She does get pretty hot and she could overheat and melt if you are not careful. I would suggest starting out with 4-5 minutes to make sure she doesn't overheat. Some microwaves could have a little too much power even for her. She does come with a 2 year warranty, so if there is a problem, the company will fix it!

It's a hoot to watch her. She really blows her top when she goes off. The heated mixture comes out of the vent holes in her head as steam and gets all over the top and sides of the microwave. Those are the hardest areas to clean well. It does have a little trouble getting to the  bottom, but that is usually easier to clean than any other part of the microwave anyways, and of course you can take the turntable out to wash easily. Plus if you let her sit for a minute or two before you open the door, the steam gets to the bottom a little more helping to clean it too.

Just remember to use caution. The liquid gets super heated and it would be easy to get burned or for the plastic to melt. So far, we have not had trouble, but I only heat mine for 4 minutes. Oh and she comes all apart to clean here, and she can go on the top rack of the dishwasher.

I like this little kitchen gadget and she's a funny conversation piece sitting on the counter. People are asking about the grumpy lady sitting there! LOL! Plus when you feel like losing your cool, just let her do it for you!

You can buy the Kitchen Gizmo Angry Mama HERE!

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