Friday, January 22, 2016

Where Does Your Fashion Style Come From?

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Have you ever noticed a difference in the way people dress around the US? Sometimes it is very obvious, others not so much all the time. I have noticed over the years that how we dress here in the midwest varies quite a bit from the east coast and the west coast.

Love this sweater Taupe Casual Sweater Soft Cold weather Outfit:

Clothing styles can vary based on several things; climate, trends, seasons, ethnicity, job, and social status. Obvious differences are those between colder and warmer climates. Let's face it, not many people in North Dakota are running around in shorts this winter! But what I have seen is even a difference in casual or not casual, colors, and accessories as I have traveled around the US. It's kind of interesting to see how we differ so much here in the US from once place to the next.

7 Perfect Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving Break | Her Campus:

There is a super fun way to find out where you get your personal style from, or maybe what area of the country has influenced your style. I was surprised that the results of the questions I answered got it spot on! They knew exactly where my style came form.

20 Polyvore Outfit Ideas for Winter:

Have some fun and take his very short quiz from Bella Ella Boutique and see where you get your style sense from. Is it the east coast, west coast, the south, the midwest? Just a couple of quick questions and you will know, and knowing your style helps you when you in so many ways!

20 Fancy Polyvore Outfit Ideas With Cardigans - Be Modish - Be Modish:

Click HERE to take the quiz! 

Share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to see where they get their style from too! You'd be surprised! One of my best friends gets hers from the west coast. Go figure!

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