Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking For An Easy Way To Take The Temperature Of meat?

Cooking and baking is something I love to do. It's a big part of my life and it's important to me to have products that work well.

MeasurePro has a nifty Digital Oven, Meat and Cooking Thermometer that I think is fantastic! I have wanted one like this for a long time.

The thermometer comes with a stainless steel probe that is about 8" long. That's plenty long enough to reach into even a very large roast or ham.  The end has a good point on it that makes it easy to insert into the meat. It also has a good curve at the other end so the probe sits nicely in the meat and does not stick up too far to bump the top of your oven.

The cord that is attached to the probe is about 44" long. That's plenty long enough to reach out to your counter next to your stove or to the side of your oven. It's also flexible so you can shape it to bend where you need to so it doesn't hang out in the way or catch on things.

I love the magnetic back to the thermometer. It sits really well on top of my stove, but I can also attach it to the side or front of my oven and the side of my microwave to store it. Having the magnets on it also makes it easy for it not to get bumped around on the counter while you are doing other things too.

To program the thermometer or to read it is so easy! All of the buttons are clearly marked and easy to see. It even comes with a AAA battery so you can get started right away. The screen on the thermometer can stay even with the base or bends to be seen while it is sitting on the counter. It has so many choices from the doneness of your meat, to what kind of meat and everything in between. I like the timer too, which is super loud and I can hear it from several rooms away.

This is a great digital thermometer and I would recommend it to you!

You can purchase a MeasurePro Digital Oven, Meat and Cooking Thermometer HERE!

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