Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Easy To Use For So Many Things Outdoors Or Indoors!

We live very close to Lake Michigan, and I love to spend time on the beach looking for treasures in the sand and just enjoying hearing and seeing the water. But there are times when the sun is super hot and I really don't want to get burned. That kind of spoils the day.

Thermalbs has created the Pop up Sports Beach Tent just for that reason, to keep people from being overexposed to the sun. This thing is pretty nifty!

It comes in a carrying case that is round. When you open the bag the whole tent is inside, as well as an instruction and use booklet and small tent stakes and cable to secure the tent to the ground in their own little bag. Everything you need to enjoy the tent is in one, lightweight package and easy to carry along with your with the handles on the case.

Setting up the tent takes just a few seconds. It just pops up on it's own when you lift one part of it. The whole thing opens up and you can start using it right away. You do need to smooth down the bottom of the tent floor some. It tends to wrinkle up a lot in the case, but smooths out as you use the tent. If you want to secure the tent to the ground, that only takes a few minutes more and is really easy to do. There are 4 small loops on the top of the tent to secure the cables to and the cables are adjustable to make it snug wherever you set it up. The tent stakes go easily into the sand and we found them to go easily into the ground as well. They are small and take little effort to use.

I love how the one side is completely open. If your kids are in it, you can keep an eye on them easily. But the neat thing is that the back of the tent can open up too. So the whole thing can be open to the breezes coming across the water and still be protected from the sun.

There is room inside the tent to stash a cooler, towels, and other beach goodies and then room for several people to sit. I am guessing that even some beach chairs would be fine to use inside the tent, the kind with the bar legs. You could enjoy the beach and sit and read or just people watch. The bottom of the tent is similar to tarp you would put down on the ground or over something to keep it from getting wet. It should not rip easily!

Now, taking down the tent is another matter. The first try was pretty rough. The instructions are good, it's just the logistics of making the tent do what you want it to. After a couple of tries, it gets a lot easier. But fair warning, the first time is going to be a small battle of wills, yours over the tent. Don't give up! It really does get easier! It all fits back into the carry bag and it can be stashed away in little space, or hung up with the handles. I would even say this would be good to leave in your trunk so you have it with you. You never know when you might want to use it.

I can see this tent being used for a lot of things. It would be good to take to your kids sporting events, when you have to sit on the sidelines for many hours in sunshine or rain, even snow. This tent would help protect you!

You could even set it up in a kids room for a little reading nook or secret room. Turn it backwards and the only way in is through the zippered door. Kids would love this.

I can also see this going along on picnics, big family gatherings, camping trips, fishing trips, and more! This little tent is perfect for so many things, takes little room to stow, is light weight, and easy to use! I really like it and know we will enjoy it a lot! Out Newfoundland has already decided he likes laying in it inside, so I know he will like it outside in the yard!

You can purchase the Thermalabs Pop up Sports Beach Tent HERE!

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