Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Go-To Site For The Whole Family Keeps Helping Me Out!

My family loves good, quality clothes. Most families do. But my family likes one thing more, good quality clothes that are also very comfortable. And I really do mean VERY comfortable. Hard as I may try sometimes, my guys just do not like to dress up. I've learned to live with it over the years and have gone out of my way to find the kind of clothes they like and at a good price.

Apparel N Bags is one place I have found that carries a variety of items at a super good price, and they are very well made! This is the kind of site that you can shop at for the whole family, from infants to seniors. When I first went to it, I took a very long time perusing all the options available to purchase. It was a fun time for me finding all kinds of great clothes and more as I looked through.

The first thing I ordered was a shirt for my son. He's a big guy, and finding clothes that fit him and are long enough for him with his height is hard. Oh and shirts that don't cost me and arm and a leg and another leg! Way too often we can get them to fit except for length. He constantly feels like he is pulling down his shirts because they are not long enough.

The shirt I found you can see on the site HERE. It's a shirt by Port and Company. I was thrilled by the color choices available. They had 27 colors to choose from. (Sorry the color at my house did not show well, but it is a wonderful light denim look.) I knew there was one I could find he would love. Plus they had his size. The chart on the page clearly shows you if the color you want is in the size you want. It will have an empty box for you to fill in the quantity if it is available or it will say out of stock if it is not. Super simple and quick! No guessing.

We love the quality of the shirt too. It is preshrunk and 100% cotton, so I didn't have to worry about it shrinking and not fitting after one wash. And even after several washes it is still looking as good as when it first came to the house. It's comfortable and looks great!

He loved the cuff of the shirt too. The cuff has a double needle hem. It fits comfortably around his wrist, but not so snugly that he can't get his watch on or pull it up a little out of the way when he wants. Even if he has pulled it up and stretched it some, it goes back into shape after washing.

Service from the company was fast, accurate and pleasant! That's a huge deal to me! This is one site I will be going back to often. Great products, a huge variety of products, fast and pleasant service, amazing sales, sizes our family needs, and more!

I seriously suggest you sign up for their newsletter to get the specials and deals. With the already low prices on the products and shipping, deals are just a BIG bonus!! To sign up scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the box that says "Get Special Offers & More".

Oh and you will love all the payment options available to you! They accept major credit cards, Google Checkout and Pay Pal!! Makes shopping with them so easy.

You can connect with Apparel N Bags on FacebookTwitterPinterestYou TubeGoogle+.

Hope you will go check them out. Apparel N Bags is now one of my go-to sites for a lot of things our family will use!!

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