Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Encourage Imaginative Play With Your Children

Dinosaurs! What family with children, girls or boys, has not had dinosaurs in their home at one point or another. Those big lizards are something all kids enjoy learning about and playing with. My kids were no exception and neither are the kids of my friends.

Kids Imaginative has a fun set of dinosaurs that would be a great addition to any kids play box. The set is made up of 12 dinosaurs that are made of safe material that is BPA-free, lead free and have no small parts with them.

Each of the dinosaurs is made to look like what most scientists believe the real ones looked like, except their coloring. Some of the coloring is not exact by any means, but they are bright and fun to play with. They are also not to scale. All of them are pretty much the same size, which we know was not the case since a tyrannosaurus and a triceratops were not the same size. But they still offer a chance for the kids to have some fun playing no matter their size. Their exact scale sizing is not the important part, it's the creative play.

The dinosaur set is a great way to encourage your kids in imaginative play. I remember zillions of hours with my kids having all kinds of adventures with theirs. Each boy would be one or two of the dinosaurs and they would have secret missions, wars, mysteries, and more with them. It was always fun to listen to them as they played.

One thing this set of dinosaurs can do is spur on your child's desire to learn and that's one of the best things. Encouraging a child to want to learn is important and lots of their play things can help them do that. These dinosaurs are no exception to that.

This is a fun set of dinosaurs and would be a great gift for your kids, party favors , extra reward toy, and more. And they are sold at a good price!

You can purchase your own Kids Imaginative Set of 12 Dinosaur Figures HERE!

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