Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Beautiful Designs To Spark Your Own Creativity And Reduce Stress

If you have not noticed yet, one of the newest things are adult coloring books. To say the least, this stirs up some interesting things in some people. Some are seriously against it, thinking it is a time waster and selfish. Others see it as a way to relax and take part in something creative.

I happen to be a bit in the middle of this, but I do know that one thing is for sure, it is a good thing to take part in something creative and artistic. As humans, that is a very important part of who we are. So, I have no problem taking part in an occasional coloring session! It's good for me.

Lifestyle Dezign has a wonderful series adult coloring books, Tranquilogy that I got to try out. I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. Throughout the book there are beautiful pages just waiting to be colored . There are a variety of designs from realistic to fanciful, and each one is just waiting for a special touch from me.

Here is a little more specific info from the artist:
Lifestlye Dezign Coloring is a purpose-driven business of life enthusiasts whose mission is to provide you relaxation, inspiration, and happiness through the creation of beautiful, original adult coloring books. We live by the mantra "the secret to living is giving" which is why we donate 10% of all profit to charity, mental health, and animal advocacy. Be inspired by quotes throughout to encourage positivity, mindfulness, and the joys of the present. 
Develop your mind with coloring is shown to train the brain to focus while improving fine motor skills and vision. Escape to a world of inspiration with hours on end of creative, judgement-free mental relaxation. Channel anxiety and stress into artistic fulfillment with designs ranging in complexity from beginner to advanced. 

I have to say, that as someone who loves to be creative and does love to draw, this was a good experience for me. I could sit and concentrate on the page as I colored and the stress of my day slowly melted away. It's similar to when I get crafty and make something. It's very good for me.

This adult coloring book features 45 beautiful, hand drawn stress relieving designs to color including animals, flowers, paisley patterns, nature scenes, and mandalas. The designs leave a tremendous amount of room for your own personal creativity. If you like things to be more realistic, you can color them realistically. But there is also the option of creating something fanciful and fun. It's all up to what you feel like doing, and you get to relax while you color with pencils, chalks, ink, even paint. If you choose to use markers or paint, you might want to remove the page from the book first, or place something absorbent under it. The pages are a heavier weight of paper, but not card stock and anything liquid base may bleed through.

Coloring books for adults are not for everyone, but I do know those who take part in them really do enjoy it and find them helpful. it reminds me a little of years ago when paint by number was around. it's very similar. If you have never tried one, I highly suggest you think about it. It may be just what you need to help you get through some stress in your life a lot more easily!

You can purchase your own Tranquilogy Adult Coloring Books: Calming Animal & Nature Designs for Stress Relief, Inspiration, and Happiness Vol. 1 HERE!

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