Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Simple Oil With So Many Uses

There is something about walking into a room and having it feel comfortable and refreshing. When a home is like that, everyone who walks in feels welcomed. One thing that helps a home create that mood is essential oils.

Simply Earth has some of the best essential oils available. One of them is Peppermint! This is one of the best times of year to use it, and at our house, we have a lot! It's a family favorite.

Peppermint is one of the most important essential oils to keep on hand since it can help with a number of things in your home and for your health. One of the best things is the wonderful fragrance it offers for seasonal events. It has a sharp fragrance that wakes up your senses and has a wonderful sweet smell to it. I love using it in our diffusers and will put drops of it on cloths that I tuck in furniture. When people sit down or stand up the friction helps spread the scent around our home and it energizes us. I also use it on our dryer balls for a lovely fresh smell to our laundry.

Another way I love to use the oil is in out humidifier. This works differently than our diffuser, since it puts out a lot more moisture in a shorter time frame. I use it in our humidifier to help with respiratory things we all seem to get this time of year. Going in and out of the cold, we get stuffed up noses and peppermint helps alleviate that.

Some of the other things that peppermint can be used for are as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, cephalic, cordial, emmenagogue, expectorant, sudorific, and vascoconstrictor. And this is just the start. Peppermint oil can be used for so many thing to help your whole family, even pets.

The bottle of oil is easy to use. The top has a wonderful dispenser to let out one drop at a time, helping you to not have to mess with an eye dropper or spilling the oil when you use it!

Simply Earth offers a top quality essential oil, in fact I think one of the best available! They are a small eco-friendly, family owned company that gives back to the communities around them. In fact 13% of of their profits are given to help stop human trafficking around the world! I'm all for that!

They offer a 100% money back guarantee too! They stand behind their products and they are fantastic to work with! If you have a question about one of their products, they will do their best to answer it! Love good customer service!

You can purchase your own Simply Earth Essential Peppermint Oil HERE on their website or HERE!

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