Saturday, November 21, 2015

One Happy Kitty Sitting On Her Bed

When you live in a small home and need to fit all your furniture in, it can be hard to have fun places for your cat to enjoy. Some of the windows might not be as accessible as they would like (or I would like). And cats love to look out the window and watch what is going on and soak in the sun.

When I got the Pets and More Window Cat Bed, I was excited. I had high hopes for something that would work in one of our windows and that our cat, Elliot, would enjoy.

The bed comes unassembled. Fair warning, the directions have obviously been translated by someone who really does not know English as well as they should to be translating. They do have lot of pictures to help you figure it out though, so between the translation and pictures, it's not too bad.

We did have a bit of a problem with part of the assembly. You have to put plastic tubes down sewn sleeves on each side of the cloth bed. One sleeve went in just fine. The other, well not so much. The sleeve was sewn a little smaller than it should have been. It was first hard to get the plastic tube in the opening, and then moving into position was very hard! My husband took over for me and slowly got it wiggled into place.

The bed comes with 4 large suction cups to hold it on the window, two on the frame itself, and two attached to support wires you attach high up the window, You have to attach the support wires by putting a plastic piece through a a hole in the back of the suction cup. It takes a little umph top get them in, but they stay nice and secure once in place.

I was a little concerned about the bed staying put on the window with the cold and hot differences and a 15 lb cat, but the suction cups hold beautifully! It has not moved since we put it in place. We also wondered if the wires would cause a problem. Cats love to rub on things and our cat started rubbing the side of her face on the wires almost right away. We wondered if that would cause too much tension on them and loosen the suction cups. So far it has not.

The bed itself has a really nice faux lambs wool piece that Velcros on the top making it super soft and comfy. I love that it comes off and can be washed as needed! The main part of the bed could be hosed off without any problem since it is made from a parachute type material.

It took a couple of days for our cat to get used to the bed being there and us putting her on it. Now she jumps up on it by herself and enjoys looking out the window. We have noticed that she is enjoying it more and more all the time. She gets up there to check out noises she hears, to take a nap in the sunlight, and to get away from the dogs.

We are very happy with the window bed. There are some improvements that could be made, but it works well, the price is good, and our cat loves it!

You can purchase your own Pets and More Window Cat Bed HERE!

This reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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