Saturday, November 21, 2015

Looking For The Perfect Silicone Mat? Look No Further!

I love to bake. I may have mentioned that from time to time. And baking is a lot more fun now thanks to silicone!

Sili Bake has made a fantastic silicone Pastry Mat that I just love. I think it is the best one I have tried out!

The mat measures 23" x 15", which is a great size for all kinds of things. The silicone is also much thinner than other mats I have tried out. I like that a lot for storage especially, but it is much easier to handle being thin. For one thing, it sticks nicely to your counter top giving you a great work space for shaping, rolling out, and mixing ingredients. It's really nice for kneading breads on! No need for tons of flour. Things don't stick to it.

Sili Bake has made a great video that talks about the mat that I think you would like to see!

I like the different special features on the mat. They have circles all over it for cookie placement and they show you 3" and 2" cookies. There are measurement conversions, temperature conversions and even two recipes! Very handy! I also like the circles for measuring your pie crust. Although over the years I have gotten pretty good at knowing how big to roll out my crust for my pie pans, this is wonderful! No more guessing and of course you can use it for measuring all kinds of pastries!

The mat will work on your counter and in your oven. It is safe to use up to 430°. I have also gotten it nice an cold in the freezer to help roll out some of my dough, pie crust especially. It's super easy to clean. Just wipe with a dish cloth or sponge and rinse and then air dry. It is safe to put it in the dishwasher too on the top rack. I usually just put it in the dishwater I have when I do dishes and it comes out great!

This is a great silicone mat and so far the best one I have tried out and it is at a great price!

You can purchase your own Sili Bake Pastry Mat with Measurements HERE or HERE!

Connect with Silibake to see all their great silicone products on their website, Facebbok, or Twitter.

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