Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Looking For A Nice Mandoline At A Good Price?

I think pretty much everyone I know would say finding tools that help make the job of cooking go faster and easier is a very good thing. That's how I feel! Well Brieftons has one tool that can help with that. They have a nice Mandoline Slicer that can cut down on the time you have to be slicing and cutting and it is easy to store.

The Mandoline comes with four inserts to help you cut things and grate.  There is the slicer, large (coarse) grater, small (fine) grater, and julienne insert. Each one is super easy to put in the mandoline and take out again.

The mandoline itself fits on top of a container that you can use to collect everything you cut or you can use the mandoline over a bowl using the notches on the back of it to hold it securely on the bowl (this is my favorite way to use it), or at an angle on the counter. At an angle on the counter does not work too well for me. It tends to want to slip around too much.

The mandoline has a nifty knob on it that can regulate the thickness of what you cut, 1mm, 3mm, or 5mm. It has the three settings, but you can turn it to really more than the three they say are there. It depends on your preference how thick things should be. I like it for cutting paper thin potatoes to make homemade potato chips. It is the easiest I have tried to do that with.

The food holder is nice. It has 4 long spikes and lot of short little knobs to hold the food for you while you slice. The handle on the holder moves up and down to help hold each kind of food easier and more securely.

I like the container it comes with. It is so easy to just cut everything by leaving the mandoline on top of it. Less mess to clean up. The container holds up to 50 oz. It also doubles to store all the cutting blades and holder while you store it in the cupboard too. I like that a lot. No digging around to find pieces or parts. They are all contained in one thing.

The Mandoline comes with a bonus vegetable peeler. It's a nice one, although it is not super sturdy. The handle is made of thin plastic and I am a little concerned it will not hold out too long. The blades on the peeler are nice and sharp though and it peels well.

This is a nice set and would make a good starter for any new cook or someone just setting up house. I can't say it is great, since I have one that is much nicer and made of more durable plastic than this one. but is a good start for someone.

You can purchase your own Brieftons Mandoline Slicer HERE!

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