Saturday, November 28, 2015

Great Set Of Tweezers For Beauty AND Crafting Needs!

Finding a good pair of tweezers is not always easy. You think you have found some, but when you get them home and take them out of the package, they just aren't what you had hoped they would be. So you deal with less than good ones until you can get back to the store and try again. Been there, done that!

Majestic Bombay has a fantastic Precision Grooming Set that I think finally meets all the needs I have and I love them! The set is made of stainless steel and comes in a faux leather case to protect them.

This set includes the following in Titanium Blue:

- Pointed Tweezers - extremely sharp tweezers that are excellent for really fine small or ingrown hairs and also perfect for splinters. The point is very fine, making it easy to get to one very specific spot. I was very pleased with how well it could grab a hold of one small fine hair and I had no trouble at all getting it out. I have also found that these are great for reaching to little tiny places when doing a few crafts.

- Straight Tweezers - great for hair removal on larger areas on your face or around your bikini line. Holding these at an angle, you can really get a lot done with just a few plucks. The straight edge is almost ½" long and you can grab quite a bit in one shot. They also hold things for crafting at a good angle while working on them.

- Slant tip tweezers - High quality tweezers for precision work and great accuracy for shaping and grooming. These are what most people use all the time, and they work great for getting several hairs at once or just one.

- Stainless Steel Sharp Scissors, for trimming fingernails and toenails. I was shocked at how sharp and how well these little scissors can cut. The fine point helps you get to places other scissors can't. They are great for helping to really shape you nails. I also like them for cutting threads or other things in precise locations or getting to something in a small spot that needs to be cut.

- Faux Leather holding pouch. This keeps everything all together in one place and protects your investment from damage. I like having them all where I know I can find them and a pouch is harder to loose than a pair of tweezers by themselves.

This really is a nice set of tweezers and well worth the investment. Since they are made of stainless steel you know they will last for a long time. All the pieces are easy to grip and keep a good grip on. They would make a great gift for pretty much any teen or adult in your family, and would be great for hobbyists too!

You can purchase your own Majestic Bombay Precision Grooming Set HERE!

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