Monday, September 14, 2015

WEDGiTS Help Make Learning Fun For Children Of All Ages

I have been having fun! I received the neatest things to play with and discover with. They are called WEDGiTS!

What Are WEDGiTS? Well simply, they are a fun and challenging, multi-dimensional building set.

WEDGiTS were designed to help children in many stages of their growth and development. For early childhood, children learn endless ways that the soft WEE WEDGiTS can stack and nest together. They are similar to them playing with soft building blocks, but with a bit more purpose.

For pre-school children, they can learn the relationships between horizontal and vertical with the Standard WEDGiTS sets. They start to understand how things are put together and work together, all while having fun with the bright colored pieces.

For elementary age children, they can create all kinds of things with the Mini WEDGiTS sets (I received a set from this age group), from lifelike creatures to futuristic spacecraft. The pieces can be stacked and linked with the magnetic ends and wedged together to create hundreds of designs.

Each of the sets, from very young children to older children, encourages creativity and imagination all while teaching them spacial relationships with the pieces. From simply playing, children can learn concepts that will help them in their education both in science and math.

Just the short time I have been "playing" with the pieces, I have enjoyed them myself, so I can imagine how much fun a child will have with them. As a former homeschooling mom, I would have loved to have these for my boys to learn with. There are many principles that can be learned simply from play.

WEDGiTS have been earning awards for over a decade. Some of their most impressive honors include the 2002 Learning Magazine Teachers Choice Award; the 2001 Parents Choice Silver Honor Award and 1998 Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year Award.

I think WEDGiTS are a great learning toy and would recommend them to you heartily!

You can purchase WEDGiTS at a store near you by using the Store Finder HERE!
Or you can purchase WEDGiTS online HERE!

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