Thursday, September 3, 2015

Replacement Electrodes For Your Tens Unit From Santamedical

One of the unfortunate things I have to deal with on a daily basis is pain. I'm thankful it is not severe most day, but it's still not easy to deal with. Living with pain daily can take it's toll on you after a while.

Thankfully there are ways of dealing with it that really, really help and without having to take a pill. I am not a pill taker by any means! I use a TENS Unit. I love this thing and it really helps alleviate a lot of pain. The one problem is, that using it often, the gel pads slowly wear out and don't want to stick where you put them.

Recently I received some replacement electorde pads to try out and they came just when I needed new ones. Perfect timing I'd say! Santamedical sent me 20 White 2" X 2" Re-Usable Carbon Electrode Pads with Premium Gel and I am just thrilled with them!

The electrodes are really nice. In fact I like them more than the ones that came with the unit. They are super easy to use and are made to work with a number of units. As long as the electrode lead fits your unit (and it seems to be a standard lead) these would work with one you have.

The pads are a flexible solid-carbon electrode pad that help deliver a maximum charge and comfort. They have re-useable gel on them that does not feel icky or weird like some we have tried. The cloth backing is very comfortable and flexible, so you can place them pretty much anywhere knowing they will stay put. I like that they do not leave any kind of sticky residue when you take them off. They come off very easily too, by the way, with no pain.

What I like best, other than they work really, really well, is the price. If I were to reorder from the company I got the TENS unit from, it would cost me almost double! I'm very happy that these work and are sold at a great price in a good quantity. Each of the electrodes should last at least for 10 uses, although I have stretched that a bit myself. The package has 20 electrodes, which is 5 individually sealed packs of 4.

If you use a TENS unit, IF or Muscle Stimulator, these are something you should consider. They work and are sold at a fantastic price!

You can purchase your own Santamedical 20 White 2" X 2" Re-Usable Carbon Electrode Pads with Premium Gel HERE!

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