Monday, September 7, 2015

Keeping Our Bathroom Organized Just Got Easier

I really like to be organized, although I don't always accomplish that goal. I still try hard to keep things in their place so when we need it, it can be found. Keeping my makeup organized is especially really important to me. Nothing frustrates me more than having to dig through a drawer or pouch full of things to find one product.

That's why I like this Ohuhu® Makeup Cosmetics Organizer. This is a great way to help me keep things organized and easy to find. I was using a cloth basket before this, which worked, but it started giving out some from years of use.

The acrylic organizer has two great section to fit all kinds of items. The tops section has multiple cubbies to hold things upright. The bottom sections has three drawers to keep other items that don't have to be upright, like eye shadows, etc. Since it is made of clear acrylic you can see in all three of the drawers easily to find just what you need. This really does make finding something super easy and quick. I can see exactly what I want at a quick glance. The drawers hold a lot more than I thought they would and even though it is not filled up in the pictures, it could be.

The top section has great little cubbies to hold a variety of things. There are sixteen to hold lipstick or similar sized items. This is one of the best features for me. There are two that are taller and can hold your brushes and all longer beauty items. This is the one thing about the organizer I wish was a little different. I would like these to be larger to hold a little more. One section is much larger (in the front) and it can hold my moisturizer and serums.

This organizer does not have to be used just for makeup, obviously. It would be great for jewelry or even craft items. I can see it helping to even organize in your office. It would only be limited to your imagination. It's a really nice organizer!

You can purchase your own Ohuhu® Makeup Cosmetics Organizer HERE!

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