Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fantastic Solar Lights To Be Used Anywhere and At A Great Price!

These are some of the neatest Multi-Colored Solar Lights I have ever tried out. I really, really like them a lot. They are from Jobelle and something that would be fun for anyone to use!

First, the fact that they are solar is a huge thing for me. I really appreciate that I can use these lights anywhere I want as long as there is sun to charge the solar panel. I was a little concerned that the solar panel was too small, but it isn't. It charged up much faster than I thought it would, and the lights stayed nice and bright for quite some time! After the initial charge, the lights would come on every night about dusk and stay on till I went to bed around midnight. They were still quite bright then too. 

I love how colorful and cheery they are. The silicone around each of the Multi-Colored LED light reflects the glow and looks really neat. The color radiates out and each little flower stands out on it's own. I love that the length of the strand is sufficient enough to reach the whole of our porch awning, giving our entry a cheery look. The on and off button is handy, but I have forgotten it a lot and the lights still charge all day and stay on at night quite well. I'm not too fond of the flashing mode that you can use, but my family likes it a lot!

These are great lights and would make a wonderful accent to any garden setting or deck. I think they would be great to take camping with us to decorate the outside of our tent too! Some friends of mine and I are going glamping, and these will be perfect for that!!

You can purchase you own strand of Jobelle Multi-Colored Solar Fairy Lights HERE!

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  1. Replies
    1. They really are! I was amazed at how nice they look.

  2. Those are so awesome.. Might have to get some I have 300+ Tropical plants in my garden and the light (especially being solar)would be a nice touch.

    1. That would look awesome! They would really brighten up the plants and set a lovely mood in your garden!