Tuesday, September 15, 2015

An Impressive BBQ Tool Set Any Serious Grill Master Will Love

I'm guessing most people are starting to think about packing in their barbecue tools and covering up their grill. Usually around this time of year we see most of the homes near us doing those very things. Our family, on the other hand, does not do that. In fact, we grill all year long!

Grilling tools are something that I never gave a whole lot of thought to before. As long as I could flip food over or pick it up, I was fine with whatever I had. My guys though, they have a different opinion on grill tools. The kind we have are important and they love the new set we just got to try out.

The Stainless Steel 3 Piece Barbecue Tool Set from Culinary Couture is one very impressive tool set! I was really surprised at the size of these tools. They are not for the wimpy barbecuer! These are very serious tools.

The set includes a heavy duty spatula with serrated edges, BBQ fork and tongs. All three of these tools come with very nice long handles that are coated for a nice comfortable grip. Grilling can be a hot business and the last thing you need are sweaty hands slipping on tools while you are cooking. The grip on these give you a solid hold even with sweaty hands.

The spatula boasts an over-sized head to easily handle large pieces of steak and will help cut through even a large piece of meat. My son loved how the spatula was able to get the whole burger without any of it hanging over the sides which can increase the chance of them breaking. It also allows you to reach the back of the grill easily.

The fork is nicely sharp and very easily gets into the food you may need to stab to pick up. It's great for reaching those sausages that roll to the back of the grill. The tongs are handy for this as well. I like that the contoured edge of the tongs is at an angle more conducive to how you reach into the grill to grab something. You can reach horizontally over the grill instead of coming in at a vertical angle. I was able to pick up several ears of corn at once.

I found the tools to be a little bit heavy to use, but for the spatula and tongs that was not really a problem. I do have a little problem with the tongs. It is hard for me with my arthritis to operate them. My guys though, really like all three pieces and find them all easy and comfortable to use. They look impressive and work wonderfully. I do like the loops on the spatula and the fork and the curve of the tongs for hanging them up when we are done.

If you know a serious barbecuer, this would make a wonderful gift for them. They will surely appreciate them as much as we do!

You can purchase a set of the Culinary Couture Stainless Steel 3 Piece Barbecue Tool Set HERE!

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