Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Small Lantern With A Super Bright Light

Do you remember days when you were a kid and you snuck a flashlight into bed with you so you could read or play with toys under your blankets? I do and I know I would have had a blast if I had a little light like this one!

The Galactic Lighting LED Lantern is a pretty nifty little lantern! It's a very small lantern, about 6" x 3" and very light weight. It's made almost entirely of plastic, which is how the weight is kept down. When I first opened the box, I thought it was a toy light, which is why it made me think of reading under the blankets late at night.

The lantern does not come with the three AA batteries needed to operate it. This is a small negative for me and is with any product that requires batteries and does not come with them. But the lantern has a low power consumption so the batteries should last quite a while. They are easy to put in and take out. The entire bottom of the lantern screws off to reach the battery compartment. I like this a lot since there are no little plastic tabs that could break off

The middle section of the light is clear plastic and the inside of it has an opaque plastic to cover the LED lights. I like that because the light is not as harsh and it helps to diffuse the LED's a lot. It is super, super bright when turned on all the way. In fact, I was quite surprised at how bright it was. The neat thing is with the knob switch, you can turn the light down to be very dim or back up all the way to be super bright. That's not an option you get on a lot of lights.

This is a nice lantern and I think it would be great for kids to have as well as adults. It would be nice to have for power outages around the house. I will admit, it does seem more like a toy than not. They recommend it for camping and since it is so light weight and small you could carry two, but honestly, I think it could break being packed in with all your other camping gear.

You can purchase your own Galactic Lighting LED lantern HERE!

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