Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Very Nice Salad Spinner From Kuuk

How often do you remember to wash off your vegetables and fruit, especially your lettuce and other leafy vegetables? I asked that question to some friends and I was surprised at how many did not always wash off their produce. I have to admit, I don't always do it and that's not a good thing at all!!

Kuuk has a nifty Salad Spinner that has been helping me to remember to wash produce off before eating or cooking it, even things I can't wash off in it.

The salad spinner sits securely on the counter with the four rubber feet on the bottom. It doesn't stick to the counter like suction cups would, but it doesn't need to. Even if there is moisture on the counter, it stays put!

There is a large inner basket that holds quite a bit. One whole cut up head of lettuce fit nicely in the basket for me. The basket goes in an out of the main bowl easily and is very easy to clean!

I really like the lid. It attaches to the bowl with a locking mechanism and keeps it from popping off when you drain the water out of the drain holes on the lid. The handle is permanently attached so no losing it somewhere in the cupboard. I really like that the handle is not one of those pumping kinds I have used in the past. Those take entirely too much effort and don't seem to spin the produce well in the basket. The crank handle on this one works so much better.

The whole thing comes apart when you are done with it and can be washed by hand in the sink or in the dishwasher. It's made from a food grade plastic that is sturdy and will hold up well!

This is a great salad spinner and I can recommend it to you!

You can purchase your own Kuuk Salad Spinner HERE!

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