Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Unique Automatic Soap Dispenser With Multiple Uses At A Good Price!

When I got this Ohuhu Automatic Soap Dispenser, I was not too sure about it. It seemed so light weight and a little flimsy to me. I had expected it to be metal. But after really looking at it, I realized it's kinda nice.

I really like the nice chrome finish to it and it would look nice in pretty much every bathroom or kitchen, although as it is used next to a sink it tends to get messy quickly with little splatters. I feel like I am always wiping off the dispenser. One thing you should know is it can not be immersed in water. It does concern me a smidge especially since soap dispensers can get pretty gunky after a while and not being able to get the plastic container inside that holds the soap out, there might be a build-up after a while.

It is very easy to put the batteries in (they are not included, which is a small negative for me with any company), and it is easy to turn the dispenser on and off with the small black button on the top. It can sit nicely on the counter or you have the option to hang it on the wall with the included wall mount. I think this is a good option myself, to keep the chrome from getting all the little splatters on it.

It comes with a little plastic key to lock the dispenser on the base securely. I would recommend if you do this to be careful not to break or lose that little key. Once it is locked on the base, you can't get to the battery compartment.

One very nice thing is you can set it to dispense the amount of soap you want, either a small, medium, or large amount. That's a great feature because you can control how much everyone is using and not waste a lot of soap. I also like that it can be used for more than hand soap. You could mount it in the shower and use for shampoo, body wash, or conditioner, or also keep it near the sink with hand sanitizer in it.

Another nice thing is the area on the front of the dispenser that lets you see how much soap is still in it. That makes it easy to pay attention to when it needs to be refilled.

This is a nice soap dispenser, would make a good gift.

You can purchase your own Ohuhu Automatic Soap Dispenser HERE!

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