Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Perfect Tool To Add To Your Garden Supplies

I have been gardening pretty much all my life. As a child my grandmother spent hours teaching me about the plants she was growing in her vegetable garden and about plant that grew in the wild. She knew her plants. She knew what grew in the wild that was safe for us to eat. It was a joy to learn from here and I wish I had listened more intently to what she taught me.

She instilled in me a love for gardening that I later got some serious training in through the Master Gardener program in our state. In fact I went on to be one of the instructors for the Master Gardener program. I love gardening! And I love the tools I use for gardening!

That's why I was excited to try out the Sensei Hori Hori Knife. You may be looking at the picture and wondering what in the world that thing is. Well simply the hori hori knife is a multi-purpose gardening tool. It's a cross between a knife and a trowel.

The blade of the knife is 7½" long and about 2' wide and is stainless steel, which means it will hold up for a long time without rusting. One side of the blade is a smooth sharp edge and the other is a serrated sharp edge. Both edges work very well cutting through plant material and even twigs. They are especially good for getting after deeply rooted, thick tap roots of some weeds. The blades help get deep into the soil and can quickly cut off the root deep below, killing the plant much more quickly. This is the perfect tool for dividing a clump of perennials too. The blade will help cut or saw through tough fibers and root mats making a tough job a lot easier and faster.

I also like that the blade has a measuring guide to help you keep track of how deep a hole is you are working on. It helps to make sure that plants and bulbs are placed properly and at the right depth. The curve of the blade also helps when digging, breaking up the soil better than a straight blade would do.

The hori hori knife comes with a mock-leather sheath that has a belt loop so you can carry the knife to have within easy reach all the time. I do wish that the sheath was real leather though. Leather would hold up much better with the use and abuse this tool will go through over the years. The grip of the knife, although also not leather, is also quite comfortable to hold on to. It has a texture on it that keeps your hand from sliding around and you can keep a good firm grip on the knife.

If you have limited space when camping to take along tools, this would be ideal for that since it can do so many things and would take up little space.

This is a great tool to add to your gardening supplies and I can see it being used more and more over the years!

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