Saturday, July 25, 2015

Simple, Small, and Very Effective

Over that last year or so we have tried out a variety of silicone products including oven mitts and pot holders, and all of them worked very well to help keep the heat off our hands. I think most of us know that silicone is fantastic for preventing the transfer of heat.

But let's face it, a lot of the silicone items are just not that comfortable to use on your hands. They are bulky and aren't flexible enough to do all the jobs you really need them to do. Some of them are even very awkward to use and I know those I don't feel secure carrying larger pans or bowls using them. I'm always a little nervous that what I am carrying will slip.

KitZen seemed to be aware of some of the concerns I and many other had about silicone mitts and pot holders. They developed a neat pair of Silicone Oven Mitts that are a lot easier to use and handle dishes and pots and pans with.

Here are some facts about them:
• they are heat resistant up to 670° F which is much higher than most of us would need
• cold resistant to well below zero for removing things from the freezer
• made with a silicone that is 100% Food-grade, PBA-Free Silicone, and approved by the FDA
• easy-to-wear design for small and large hands, including kids hands
• painless to clean, dishwasher safe (on the top shelf), and a non-toxic material
• an adhesive clip is included for convenient storage, wherever you desire and it holds both mitts together so they are handy all the time

When I first got the mitts I had to admit they were looked at with a little suspicion. It just didn't seem like they would do the job well, that there was not enough to protect my hands.

Boy was I wrong!

The mitts are very flexible and easy to wear on my hands. I don't have to stick my whole hand inside causing it to sweat and just feel uncomfortable like happens with the glove kind. My son said wearing them and manipulating your fingers in them reminded him of playing with a puppet. You just slip your thumb and fingers in and you can pick up any size pan, bowl, plate and even frozen object with ease. Even when damp, the heat will not conduct through the silicone like it does cloth.

The inside of the mitts where my fingers are is smooth and comfortable against my skin, while the "gripping" part has little ridges on them that hold things securely. Even slick frozen things I have been able to hold on to securely.

I like that they are easy to store too. They aren't bulky, so they don't take up as much drawer space, and they do stack together. They do come with a nifty little clip that does hold both of them together, but I haven't figured out yet where I want to hang them. Oh and I love the color. It is bright and I can find them quickly  in my kitchen because they stand out so well!

These are a great set of oven mitts that I can recommend completely!

You can purchase your own KitZen Silicone Oven Mitts HERE!

The reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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