Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Avoid Sticky Messes And Ruined Baking Sheets

Baking is a must at my house. Even with all of us trying to eat a much healthier diet, I still want to bake. It's something I really love to do. But one thing I don't like is the mess that can happen to my baking sheets. It would be impossible to count the number of baking sheets I have gone through over the years. The number I am sure is very high! Between what I bake and all the things my guys try to use them for, well let's just say they aren't very pretty for very long.

That's why I love silicone baking sheets! Urban Sparrow has a fantastic set of silicone baking sheets that make baking a lot easier, help my guys still make the foods they want, and all without messing up my baking sheets.

If you have never tried silicone baking sheets you are missing out. They really are worth the investment. Each of the 11" x 16" sheets are made from FDA and LFGB approved, BPA & BPP free silicone. But here's the really neat part, they are made a woven fiberglass covered with silicone so they distribute the heat evenly across the whole sheet. It makes sure that even if there are hot spots in your oven (and pretty much every oven has them), the food will still cook evenly.

The sheets can withstand heat up to 480°. I love that since I have never baked or roasted anything at a higher temperature than that. But I also like putting them on my counter to absorb the heat from hot pans coming off the stove. They work great as a make-do hot pad. You can also use them in the microwave. I haven't tried that, but I can imagine it would help with anything that would spill over.

Having the sheets under something that might spill over is a fantastic thing to use them for. I love putting them under a pie, especially a fruit pie that bubbles us and almost always sends some over the edge of the pie plate. After having several baking sheets ruined because of the burned on fruit and sugar, having the sheet underneath the pie plate means I no longer have to worry about the pan being ruined. The silicone cleans of super easy since nothing sticks to it! And I do mean nothing! So far I have not had a mess that has stuck!!

I can say that the Urban Sparrow Baking Sheets are some of the nicest ones I have tried and recommend you should invest in them!

You can purchase your own Urban Sparrow 2 count Baking Sheet Set HERE!

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