Monday, June 15, 2015

Why Do People Use Amber Colored Glass?

Have you ever wondered why some things come in amber colored glass and other things don't? All kinds of products are stored in bottles of varied sizes and shapes. But why are some in amber and some not? What difference does that really make.

All kinds of products are put in amber, syrups, essential oils, flavorings, skin care products, beer, and wine to name a few. There must be a specific reason why they do and it is not just because it looks better.

Amber is is the preferred choice of producers of essential oils and food flavorings and pharmaceutical companies for several reasons.

1. It protects the product inside from photo damage. Sunlight contains UV rays that can actually change the components of different products. Things can actually spoil if exposed to too much light even if sealed in a bottle.

2. Amber gives better protection against UV rays and therefore protects the contents in the bottle for a longer period of time. Although other colored glass does help protect the contents some, they still let in more light and different spectrum's of light. Also, other colors are more expensive to produce than amber.

3. Why glass instead of plastic? For one reason, glass is much easier to recycle than plastic and it is much less expensive. It keeps the cost of the product down. But even more important, the chemicals from plastic can actually leach into the contents of the product and make it unhealthy for you to use.

These are all very good reasons for using amber when producing or storing specific products, even the ones you may make and mix up at home. Some of those might be homemade cleaning or skincare products, homegrown herbs and more. Emmi's Essentials has a fantastic Amber Glass Spray Bottle to help out when you do make your own products or want to divide a larger sized product into smaller components.

The bottle comes with one of the best sprayers I have tried. It has an ergonomic grip that helps your hand from slipping around on it while you are spraying. The trigger is textured, making it more comfortable to squeeze and prevents your fingers from slipping. With an adjustable nozzle, you can control the amount and pressure of the spray. One thing I really like is the strainer on the end of the tube that prevents it from clogging.

If you want to make your own skincare products or homemade cleaning products, knowing about the use of amber glass is important. Emmi's Essentials can help you with that!

You can purchase your own Emmi's Essentials Amber Glass Spray Bottle HERE!

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