Monday, June 8, 2015

Need Some Help Wrapping Odd Ball Sized Things?

Gift giving is something I love to do. It's a joy to find that just right thing for a special person or even someone you don't really know just to bless them. But sometimes wrapping that gift can be a royal pain. Let's face it, how many ways can you wrap a book or DVD and someone not know what it is. Or how about some of the odd shaped things in packages. They aren't square and have all kinds of bumped out things in the plastic that just would be impossible to make wrapping paper look nice to cover it. Not everything fits perfectly in a square or rectangle box.

This is why specialty gift boxes were made! They hide the obvious and help with all those odd ball shaped things. Italdesign Gift Boxes has some really nifty ones that I know we will be using a lot!

The measurements of the gift boxes, 9" x 6¼" x 2½", are ideally suited for the quick and stylish packaging of your gifts. These boxes will hold all kinds of gifts like sweets or chocolates, but are also perfect for gifts such as books, jewelry, ties, scarfs, kitchen gadgets and many more. You can have the ideal packaging solution for many different gift-giving occasions or when you want to give presents to neighbors, employees, friends and many others.

They arrive flat and are very easy to fold up. And if you want, you can reuse them by folding them flat again. Our family has a standing joke of who gets the Grinch gift box each year. It's a small gift box with Dr Seuss' Grinch on it. These small boxes would be perfect to reuse over and over like that.

Each package of gift boxes comes with 12, so you will have plenty on hand to use when you need the, And since they lay flat, they are easy to store and keep looking nice without taking up a lot of space. For me, that's a very good thing.

These are some very nice and very handy boxes to have available for gift wrapping and you can embellish then in so many lovely ways to give to the people you care about.

Purchase your own set of 12 Italdesign Gift Boxes Gift Boxes HERE!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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