Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We Are Loving SweetLeaf Organic Stevia!

With a husband who is diabetic I am always looking for ways to cut sugar out of our diets and to satisfy our sweet tooth desires. My husband admittedly misses some of the goodies he used to enjoy before diabetes, but it's tough to find things he can eat and really enjoy.

SweetLeaf Organic Stevia has been helping us and many others change their sugar habit to something much better for them!

I am just learning how to use the Stevia in my recipes, but we have been enjoying it in many of our foods. There is a difference in taste, but it is not drastic! But I had a chance to share samples with a group of women and they were very excited about it!

We tried out the SweetLeaf Organic Stevia packets for our coffee in the morning and those who used it were pleasantly surprised at how it made their coffee sweet like they like, but it was nice to know they were not adding calories to their diet and that it was organic!

One of the products that we tried out was awesome!! It got rave reviews by everyone who tried it out and there was a good discussion on ways to use it in other foods and baking! It is the SweetLeaf Sweet Drops. It's flavoring for coffee or tea, but several of the ladies want to try it out in flavoring some of their other foods like pancakes and waffles. It sounds like a neat idea and adding great sweet flavor without adding sugar sounds like a wonderful idea! Everyone just loved the flavors. We had the Peppermint Mocha and Pumpkin Spice. The favored flavor was the Peppermint Mocha. There are 20 flavors to choose from and they are wonderful in coffee, water, drink mixes and more!

All of us were excited to learn about the ways to use Stevia in our diets to help cut back on sugar and to help control diabetes. There are so many ways it can be used and it tastes great!!

You can connect with SweetLeaf Organic Stevia on their websiteFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. They have amazing recipes to try out using the Stevia!

We received samples of the products through Moms Meet for the purpose of review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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