Monday, February 9, 2015

The Smallest And Still Powerful Portable Battery Charger From Power Theory

Don't you just find it annoying to be out and about and your phone dies on you and there is no where to charge it back up? Or you are in the middle of reading a good book and you Kindle battery is low and no where to charge it? It's happened to me, and I am sure it has happened to you!

The Power Theory Powercard is perfect for anyone who needs to charge their phone, tablet and more. If your device uses a Micro USB, you can use this small portable battery charger. This is the smallest battery charger I have ever seen! I stuck a nickel beside it so you can see just how small it really is. It's slightly larger than a credit card and ¼" thick.

This little battery charger weighs only 2.1 oz. It's very thin and can fit in your pocket easily. To be honest I didn't think something this small could hold enough charge to do much help. But it has 2500 mAh Real Capacity, which is really good for something this small!

What is really nice about this battery charger is you don't have to carry a cable with you. The built-in Micro USB and Apple Lightning Cable makes it super easy to use and les of a hassle. You have everything you need without carrying extra stuff with you. But it does come with a USB cable to plug into your adapter or computer to charge it back up.

It also comes with a Lightning to Micro USB adapter for iPhones. The iPhone adapter tucks away in a little compartment where it won't get lost when not in use, a thoughtful touch!

It quickly charges up your device and you can or course recharge it for continued use. This is a really nice and compact battery charger and at a good price.

You can purchase your own Power Theory Powercard HERE!

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