Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fujifilm DVD-R Disk Pack

I have to admit, we don't have a huge need for DVD-R disks. I tend to forget we have a camera to record with. But having the right disks when you need them is important and they can be used for more than just video.

Fujifilm has 30 minute disks that are perfect for just a little bit of video or data. I know I hate using up a whole larger sized disk for just one small amount of information or short video or a small batch of photos. I always feel like I am wasting money when I do.

These disks are perfect for small jobs. They have excellent quality and sound and they work in almost every DVD player and Blu Ray player.

I love taking pictures and then sharing them with friends and family. Having these smaller disks really helps me to keep down waste. I send the small amount and save my larger disks for larger projects. Each disk holds 1.4GB of data, which is plenty for sharing all kinds of things.

They come in a nice storage spindle case to keep them dust-free and clean ensuring the quality of what you put on the disk.

These are great disks and I can recommend them to you!

You can purchase you own Fujifilm DVD-R 10-disk Spindle Pack HERE!

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