Monday, December 29, 2014

Bellemain Heavy-Duty Pastry-Chef Quality Oven Safe Cooling Rack ~ Best I Have Ever Owned

As a baker I really appreciate quality pieces to use while I bake. Bellemain has a wonderful Heavy-Duty Pastry-Chef Quality Oven Safe Cooling Rack. This is the best cooling rack I have ever used!

If you work hard to get your baked treats to deliver mouthwatering perfection, and you prefer to use chef quality kitchen tools, at a home-makers price like I do, then you'll love the cooling rack from Bellemain.

You see, most cooling racks are designed to do one thing: cool. Yet every culinary master knows that the secret to perfect treats isn't about how your baked goods "cool", it's about how they SET. Most cheaper brands not only rust and break, they fail to SET your baked goods correctly, resulting in wasteful, brittle, dry, burnt (or worse) soggy delicacies.

The Bellemain rack on top of one of my other racks. You can see the size difference in the air pockets.

That's why Bellemain cooling racks perfectly sized air pockets allows your baked goods optimal circulation for SETTING while supporting even your most fragile delicacies. The air pockets are much smaller than other cooling racks. That helps the food to set and also prevents things from shifting and trying to fall through the openings as it sets.

Here are some specifics:
 • Eliminate overly crispy, burnt edges and bottoms, and condensation with patented and perfected Air-flow Circulate & Set Technology
 • Prevent toxic transfer of rust and metal-shards (what you'll get with cheap brands)
• Decorate with Ease: Reduce risk of your fragile treats breaking by decorating them right atop your cooling rack (many home chefs get more than one so they can keep cooling and decorating in batches) Here's more ways Bellemain cooling rack saves you time, energy and money:
• Keep Counters Safe: Prevent heat scorching of countertops while quick-cooling casseroles, hot pans, cakes, pies and more
• Love bacon? Crisp up more mouthwatering goodness by placing bacon atop cooling rack in the oven or place bacon atop cooling rack to drain tasteless grease after frying and baking (for optimal heart health)
• Healthy Diet Trick: Air-dry your freshly washed fruits and vegetables and create dried fruits by setting slices out in the sun

The rack is much heavier than traditional racks and it has 3 sets of feet. Most have two causing the racks to bow in the middle with heavier weighted things or from consistent use over time. Plus the feet do not sit on the outer edge of the rack. They are set in giving it even more stability as you use it. I love that, especially since I bake a lot of cheese cakes and those can be very heavy.

It's also larger than most cooling racks. It is 17"x12" and completely fills a baking sheet. Traditional racks are only 16"x10" and leave gaps between the rack and the sides of the baking sheet. Fitting snugly in your baking sheet makes a big difference!

I love this rack and highly recommend it to you!

You can purchase your own Bellemain Heavy-Duty Pastry-Chef Quality Oven Safe Cooling Rack HERE!!

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