Thursday, July 26, 2018

Amelleon Leather Tri-Fold Slim Wallet, Perfect For The Men In You Life

When was the last time you took a look at your husband's wallet? I pay attention to that a lot, because the average man can go through a wallet pretty fast! They wear out and then they look awful. So it is nice to know where to get a good quality, and not expensive wallet to replace a well worn one.

Amelleon has a really nice tri-fold wallet that my guys like a lot. It is a leather slim fold wallet that has plenty of room for credit cards, id and cash.

In the wallet are 7 slots to hold credit cards or loyalty cards, and a window pocket to place a photo id so you can quickly show it to someone and find it when you need to pull it out. The window has a small opening on the front to help you get the id out easily. That is such a nice feature, since a lot of wallets have window pockets that are hard to get things out of.

Once special feature is the RFID blocking material to protect your credit cards from being scanned and your information stolen. With all the technology out there making it easy to steal you credit card numbers, this is a great feature to have.

There is also a little coin pocket. If your guys are like my guys, they don't like change rattling around in their pockets, so this is a nice little bonus to have.

This is a great wallet that would make a nice gift for any of the men in your life.

Your can purchase the Amelleon Leather Tri-Fold Slim Wallet HERE!

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