Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Alison's Choice Is A Wonderful Movie You Should Not Miss

I have the joy of telling you about one of the best new movies available on DVD right now. It's "Alison's Choice". This movie is one that will move you in so many ways, it's also a movie I can completely get behind..

The movie follows a young girl who becomes pregnant by a not so nice boyfriend and she is scared and confused about her future. She decides she is going to have an abortion and as she sits waiting in the abortion clinic for her name to be called she has an encounter with a janitor who turns out to not be just a janitor. He turns out to be the living God, Jesus Christ who has come to plead for the life of her baby.

I can't even begin to tell you how much this movie touched my heart and encouraged me in so many ways. The main theme of this film is abortion and pro-life and it will give people insight and a new understanding about abortion, which so many of us don't have. The majority of people really don't understand what goes on when an abortion happens. There are many powerful scenes including where we see Jesus weeping as girls go in a clinic and have their babies terminated. Jesus shows Alison what her baby will be like which gives her a perspective on that little one she had not even considered. One thing I was super excited to see in the film was the way it touches on why there is suffering in the world, explains free will and the choices we make and it also really brings home how much Jesus suffered on the cross because of His love for us, how much pain He was in when He took all of our sins upon Him, something all of us should know about.

That actors in this movie did an amazing job and it is one I can highly recommend to you and your family. I would not recommend for young children, but certainly teens and maybe even some preteens. It would also be an awesome thing to show to a youth group or even your whole church.

Here's a little more about it:

You can Win a DVD copy of Alison’s Choice a full-length feature film that seeks to answer the question, “WWJS (what would Jesus say) to a young woman planning abortion?” 
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