Sunday, November 13, 2016

Simple, Classically Designed Whistling Tea Kettle From Chefs Limited

I think there is one thing that is slowly disappearing from kitchens today...the tea kettle. So many people have other ways of heating water for their tea or other things today. It's kind of sad to me. I have really fond memories from when I was young, of the tea kettle whistling on the stove.

Well this Whistling Tea Kettle from Chefs Limited is a beautiful and practical reminder of those days when I was a kid.

The tea kettle is made from stainless steel. That's perfect, since it will last and hold up for a very long time. The stainless steel makes the tea kettle sturdy and durable. It is still light weight too, even when full of water. It holds 2.75 quarts, which is a good amount. Plus the handle is very comfortable to hold on to. The silicone is thick enough to protect your hand from heat and comfy enough to give you a good grip on the handle. Very easy to pour with.

The lid fits on nice and snug. I really like that. You don't have to hold on to the lid while you pour. It stays put on it's own. I also really like the contrast of the polished stainless steel and the black coated stainless steel. It gives this kettle a really modern look, yet a classic look at the same time. It would work in a lot of kitchens.

The spout cover comes on and off easily. If you don't want to hear the kettle whistle, you can leave it off while you heat  it. I like having the whistle on myself. It's easy for me to get going doing other things and forget about the kettle heating. Just remember to use a pot holder when taking the cover off! It does get very hot! The spout is large and easy to pour with. Since it is so big, it is easy to prevent splash back while pouring.

The kettle is super easy to clean too, either hand wash in hot, soapy water, or just put it in the dishwasher. All in all, this is a really nice tea kettle that will work and look nice for a long time to come.

You can purchase the Chefs Limited Whistling Tea Kettle HERE!

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