Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Good Sized Lunch Bag For Multiple Uses

Being on the road a lot, although we are on the road more now for different things than in the past, my husband and I often carry along with us snacks and sometimes our lunches. It's really important to have things to make sure his sugar levels stay at a constant rate or don't spike or drop dangerously. So I was excited about trying out this new Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Bag by Sacko.

This is a really nice lunch bag. It has two compartments that make it easy to keep things separated. Each compartment is insulated, so hot things stay hot, and cold things stay cold. You can place things in the top part that you don't want crushed by the larger things you place in the bottom compartment, things like crackers and grapes. For us, it's perfect to keep his insulin in, staying nice and cold, but not mixed in with our lunch or snacks.

The bag is good sized too. It's great to carry two people's lunch or someone who needs to carry along extra drinks, like a construction worker. The bottom compartment can hold up to 6 cans or small bottles easily! And you have room to put a few other things in with them. The top is plenty big to hold two sandwiches, and there is a small pocket/pouch on the front to hold napkins or utensils. Add the two pockets/pouches on each of the short sides, and you have ample room to take quite a bit with you!

The lunch bag has a small handle on the top to carry it with, or you can use the adjustable strap to carry it. Even when full, this lunch bag is not heavy. It is well enough insulated to keep drinks and food cool for a long time too.

Really nice, good sized lunch bag! I think it would be great for a lot of people to use for trips, big lunches, visits to the beach and more!

You can purchase the Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Bag by Sacko HERE!

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