Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Only Diaper Bag You Will Ever Want

Once upon a time, a few years back, I was a young mother with babies and loved to go places with them. Well that always meant that I had to take a lot of extra things with me. babies require a lot of stuff and we all need a good place to stash it when we go out the door. There are zillions of diaper bag styles out there, but not too many are as stylish as this one.

This diaper bag from CiPU is one of the nicest and most stylish diaper bags I have seen and used. The diaper bag is made from a lightweight material that is easy to carry around even when loaded to the max. The bag is padded, so everything inside it stays nice and protected even when bumped around.

I was surprised at how many little compartments and storage places there are in it. There are three outside pockets, one with a zipper, and nine pockets on the inside, two that are zippered. That's a lot of places to keep everything you need and then some. There is also a large open area in the center that you can store larger things as well. It also has a small loop that you can clip your keys or a pacifier too, making them easy to get to fast.

The bag comes with some really nice extras too. Included are two smaller bags, one about the size of a clutch purse and the other about the size of a cosmetic bag. The clutch size bag is perfect for a quick trip to the store and back, when you wouldn't need everything except and extra diaper and wipes. There are two zippered pockets where you can stash babies things and your wallet and keys. One bag for a quick trip.

The smaller bag is great to use as your wallet with the diaper bag. You can stash all your things in it and not have to carry a purse along with the big diaper bag. it has two pockets in it to keep things organized.

But the bonuses don't stop with those two bags. There are two straps you can use for the diaper bag and one for the clutch-sized bag. one of the straps is wider and easier to use with the diaper bag. Both of the straps are easy to clip on and off the bags and make it really convenient for you.

And the bonuses continue. They include a detachable sleeve to put over the two handles of the diaper bag, so when you go to grab it you just have to grab one thing and not struggle to hold baby and grab two handles at the same time. It has a soft section that is very comfortable to hang on to even for long periods of time. Plus the Mighty Buggy Hook to hang the bag from your stroller handles. It keeps the bag up higher and prevents it from sliding down. And there is a diaper changing pad that matches the bag. It folds compactly to fit in the diaper bag or in the clutch bag. Plus there is a retractable clip that you can hook inside the diaper bag and keep your keys on it or a toy or babies pacifier.

All in all, this is a great diaper bag. The bag itself is nice enough that it could be used as a tote for traveling or going back and forth to work.

Oh and there is one more special thing about the bag...there is a secret compartment on the bottom where you can stash dirty clothes and shoes to keep them away from clean things inside the bag. How cool is that?!

You can purchase the CiPU Diaper Bag HERE!

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