Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Colorful LED Solar Lights For Your Yard

I love having fun lights around the house, both inside and outside. But the kind I like the most are solar ones. Once you buy the lights, there is seldom you have to do anything to them. Just let the sun charge them up and enjoy.

Homeme has a nifty set of lights, 50 LED Solar String Waterproof Light strand,  that I plan on using mostly in the spring, although they would work any time of the year. The lights are not just ordinary lights. Each one is shaped like a long water drop and there are 4 fun colors on the strand of 50 LED lights.

Since the lights are LED, they will last a long time. And they are charged easily by the small solar panel each and every day they are outside. These lights will last and look fabulous for years!

They come all ready to put outside. There is a small stake that you can place in the ground to hold the solar panel. The panel is only 2½" x 2½", so it is not a distraction. The strand is 23 feet long, so you can use it pretty much anywhere around your home. There is a total of 8 modes you can set the lights to. One is where all of them are on at once, the rest are variations of flashing. It's really easy to change the mode with the buttons on the back of the solar panel.

The bulbs have a neat bubble effect that looks really nice. They look one way when off, clear white, but you can see the color at the top of each bulb just slightly. They hang down about 3" from the strand and would look awesome on a tree or bush with snow.

This is a really nice light set and I can see it being used for a lot of things.

You can purchase the Homeme 50 LED Solar String Waterproof Light strand HERE!

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