Monday, October 17, 2016

An Interesting Small Rolling Pin

As an avid baker, I am kind of persnickety about the tools I use when I bake. I want things that will help me do the job fast, with ease, and will last a long time. My rolling pins are no exception to this. In fact I have a rolling pin that my grandmother used to bake with and it is still going strong!

So when I got this rolling pin from Lasten, I was very curious about how it would work for me. The Professional Non-Stick Rolling Pin arrived and my first thought was, "Seriously?" This rolling pin is only 11" long and only about 1" in diameter at the thickest point. It is also very light weight. It is, well, at least I think it is, made from poplar, which is a hard wood, but the softest of the hard woods. Hard wood helps keep bacteria from building up on the rolling pin.

I looked at this little thing and honestly did not think that it would be something I would use very much. And I am right. I doubt I will use it very often. Let me explain why.

The rolling pin is tapered, like many rolling pins are. It is easy to maneuver around on dough and it does an okay job in helping to roll out dough. If I was going to make really small batches of dough for small pastries, this would be a fine rolling pin for that job. But in almost all cases, I make larger sized batches of dough and to roll out what I would need, it would take a while, longer than I would like, using this small pin.

Since the rolling pin is so small there really isn't much umph to it and I feel like I have to press harder than I need to, to do the job rolling out and shaping the dough. One reason why most rolling pins are heavy is to help with that job. The weight helps you smooth out and shape the dough with more ease.

For me, I would rather have one of the larger sized ones they offer for sale (they have 11", 15", 15.7", 17.1", and 19.7"). If they maneuver as well as this small one, they would be good!

The only reason I would be using this rolling pin is for smoothing out fondant and similar things, since I would most likely be using small batches for decorating desserts. This is not a bad rolling pin, just one I would not use myself.

You can purchase the Lasten Professional Non-Stick Rolling Pin HERE!

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