Sunday, September 11, 2016

Small Alarm Clock The Works Like A Charm

We all have one thing that we really need almost every single day, an alarm clock! They vary like crazy and finding one that meets you needs is usually not too hard.

Well this one is one that can meet the needs of a lot of people! The DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio With Dual Alarms And FM Radio is compact, yet packs a wallop!

The alarm clock is only 6" by 3 1/4", yet it is big enough that you can see the numbers from across the room. This is a big deal for me because my husband has only one eye and has bad vision in his remaining eye. The big numbers help him see the alarm easily. They are also very bright, although you can adjust the brightness of them.

The controls for the alarm clock are fairly easy. There are a couple it has taken us a little time getting used to, but no big deal. You can set the alarm to wake you with music or the buzzer. There are two settings for the alarm, which is great for couples who get up at different times. I like how the buzzer doesn't come on full blast right away. It slowly builds up volume so you aren't shocked out of sleep like some alarms do!

The clock also works with the electric cord and has battery back up. Love that because we seem to lose electricity several times a year. With the battery back up, I know I won't sleep in too late. The clock will keep going and still wake me up. It takes only 2 AA batteries. Oh and it has a nice antenna cord to help you get the best reception you can for the radio.

Nice little alarm clock and I think it sells for a good price for all you get!

You can purchase the DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio With Dual Alarms And FM Radio HERE!

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