Monday, September 12, 2016

Quick and Simple Craft With Funny Craft Washi Tape

Wahsi!!! Please tell me you know what it is.

No, well let me tell you.

Washi is a fun kind of tape that you use to decorate, well pretty much everything. You use it like you would ribbon, but instead of gluing it down or sewing it on, you simply tape it down. Because it's tape! But here is the cool's re-positionable. If you don't get it in the right place the first time, you can take it off and do it again. Not many craft items are that forgiving. You can also write on it with a marker or Sharpie.

Washi Tape sticks to pretty much everything and since you can move it around, you can really be creative by moving the tape to get just the right look or angle. It's really super thin too, so you can see the pattern of another Wahsi Tape behind the one in the front. You can create your own kind of pattern doing that. It's so easy to place and edge frames, book pages, decorate lockers, lamp shades and more. You are really only limited by your imagination, oh and the ideas of all of those thousands of other people on the internet who have played with it. LOL!

Funny Craft has some wonderful and fun Washi Tape available. I absolutely love all the vibrant colors and designs on their Washi Tape. The set of Washi Tape comes with 12 rolls, each with a different pattern. I had a lot of fun playing with them and thought I would show you one really quick project I did for a friend.

I used an old envelope that a bill came in and cut off the corner. I measured up on each side 1½" and then cut the whole corner off.

After cutting the corner off, it's just a mater of placing on different strips of Washi to decorate it on both sides. After putting on the tape, trim of the excess on each side. Repeat with the same pattern or a different one on the back.

So what is this simple little craft.....a bookmark! That's it. A simple little gift that can be made in a matter of minutes that is cute and marks your page in your book.

I even made several that I cut a little larger, measuring up 2" on each side of the envelope.

The Funny Craft Washi Tape is a lot of fun. I love the patterns, some are metallic, and they look great on cards, in scrapbooks and more. Great for using with your kids too!

You can purchase the Funny Craft Washi Tape HERE!

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